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Together As One is Registered Charity No. 1142042

We provide a vital service for anyone around Twickenham experiencing loneliness or social isolation, particularly as a result of mental health issues. We receive no central or local government funding so it is always a battle trying to find the funds to support our activities. TAO is run by service users and volunteers - nobody is paid a penny of salary or commission so anything you give will go purely towards our running costs (which include a substantial sum for rent, heat and power plus helping fund all the activities at our drop-in centre).

Single payments are very welcome, recurring ones even more so (because they let us plan ahead with greater confidence).

Online donations

Cards (Wikimedia) If you would like to make a one-off donation by credit or debit card please click here or on the cards image. These donations are handled by The Big Give, which levies low fees so almost all of your donation comes to TAO. If you can fill in the Gift Aid query in the affirmative we get that much more. The donation setup page will be in a new tab or window in your browser.

Standing orders

If you would like to make a regular donation you can do this by setting up a standing order with your bank. These are cost free (to you and TAO) and involve no contract - you can cancel one any time. You may be able to set it up online or else fill in a standing order setup form from your bank in favour of:

Together As One, account no. 31706276 sort code 40-38-18

If you are a UK taxpayer please also print off our Gift Aid Declaration form and post a completed copy to us. That enables us to claim a top up from HMRC.


Do think of us when making or updating a will. Gifts to registered charities such as TAO are free from UK Inheritance Tax and if we were to be left something in a legacy or two it would really help. We are always looking to raise the funds needed to run the charity; pop-up shop, stalls at fairs etc, but we are always aware that every year we need to find quite considerable sums to cover the basics such as rent. So we'd be really grateful for anything extra through legacies. Our dream is to have our own property one day, so that the group can feel secure in our own 'home'.

More than a quarter of UK people over 55 apparently do not have a will. It can be a bit expensive but there are now a range of online will creation services that are reasonably priced. The main thing to beware of is that the service does not appoint itself as executor nor charge ongoing fees for doing nothing useful. One totally free option is Beyond. That's a link to their site. It's been tested by TAO (by Eric Baker who does this website). It is genuinely free, no request for card details and for most people named in the will it just asks for first name, surname and date of birth. It does pre-tick Beyond as executor but it's easy to substitute your own choice of executors. They claim be at the lower end of fee levels but you can easily choose anyone else and if your will is reasonably simple (especially if the estate is likely to be below the Inheritance Tax threshold) you might find friends and/or relatives to do it for free. The link is TAO specific and suggests a legacy to TAO but it defaults to 0% so that is entirely up to you. At the end the will is downloaded as a pdf.

Give as you Live

Give as you Live logo Give as you Live is an online shopping tool which allows our supporters to shop online whilst raising funds for the charity. This is because thousands of stores including Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, Expedia, Lastminute.com, ASOS and Topshop have signed up to donate a percentage of the shopper's purchase to their chosen charity at no extra cost to them or the charity. A percentage of each purchase is donated to the charity from the retailer; the percentage donated varies for each retailer but on average it is 2.5 to 5%.

Please click here for details (or click on the logo above right).