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Pop-up shops

Our current pop-up shop, opened in December 2020, is at 37-39 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3LP, just around the corner from our previous shop and opposite York House. We are alredy closed (Jan 2021) due to the lockdown, but in a few weeks we will need to vacate the shop. In the meantime we are selling the furnite for half price to customers who see something they like in the window and then contact us by email.

Kew pop-up shop

Our last pop-up shop, opened in September 2020 in Sheen, had to close in November 2020.

Our previous pop-up shop was next to Waitrose in Twickenham. It opened in Feb 2020, then was hit by the Covid lockdown. It re-opened as lockdown eased but had to close in September 2020.

Our pop-up shop before that, open June 2017 to Sept 2019, was near Kew Gardens station and made a brilliant contribution to TAO's finances.

Kew pop-up shop

Our pop-up shop before that was at 33-35 High Street, Whitton, TW2 7LB. It started in November 2015 and was open until January 2016.

Our previous pop-up charity shop was next to Iceland on King Street Twickenham in 2013, organised by Gunna.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who run our shops. Also to the London Community Foundation for their generous start up grant for our shops. We also thank our supporters for their vital donations of stock.

We also ran a very successful pop-up shop for 4 weeks in Nov/Dec 2011 near Richmond station.

Pop-up shops are a really good way of helping fund TAO's activities. They also help the leaseholders of shops that are between regular tenants as TAO pays the business rates (at the reduced charity rate) whilst a pop-up shop is operating. Full business rates are payable on empty retail premises.